Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

What a fantastic weekend! It was such a relaxing and wonderful weekend! The pictures speak for themselves :)

He is a proud little boy! Decorating Easter eggs ranks right up there with...eating...
So, we took a break from coloring eggs for a snack.
Ellie wasn't all that excited about the craziness that comes from lots of candy, so he took a nap. 
Grandma and Grandpa helped Dylan look through the basket that they got for him. 
Give the bubble maker a chance!
Grandma's cookies are beautiful and delicious!!!
We made a fort and were tricking people!
The eggs were everywhere!!!!!!!!!!

Sure chocolate first thing in the AM is good for you!
We had so much fun finding all of these eggs...the Easter Bunny knows how to hide 'em!
Dylan got all of us with his bubbles. 
Everyone wants a piece of Uncle Stephen.
so much fun!
We had a great time with the cousins!
The weekend was PERFECT! Happy Easter to everyone!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What a resolution...

Right, so my resolution was to blog at least once a week. That clearly didn't work. I am re-committing now because I have so much fun reading my friend's blogs and want to share our story as well :) So, really, I am going to post once per week.

This spring is off to a crazy start, both the weather and all of the action in our lives. We are on the move with Dylan all the time. As soon as we get home we play outside and do all sorts of adventurous things.
We are getting very excited for the Easter Bunny to arrive. The next few pictures are of our crafts that we have been working on to get ready for the bunny.

Dylan, as you probably know, loves to dress up in costumes. He calls this one his Easter dress.
Happy Easter to you all!