Sunday, July 10, 2011


This past week has been my staycation. I have enjoyed every minute of it. We have had a wonderful time. It was nice to have a break from work, although looming is the thought of going back to work tomorrow.

We set up the tent to air it out for our upcoming camping adventure for our anniversary and it became the best toy Dylan has ever had. He and Roger slept in the tent for 1 night and he played non-stop for 2 days. 

 I think that both Roger and I are excited that he likes the tent and camping so much. We used to camp all the time and look forward to getting back to it.
 A little trick Dylan and Roger put together to impress me.
 This is our little slice of heaven. It is beautiful at the Montague beach. We spent the entire day there. Far longer than we thought that we would...our cell phone was on Wisconsin time!
 This was my workout for the day. It doesn't look like much, but it was a lot of work.
 The boys and their toys :)
 Dylan made some great castles in the sand
 He was in the zone...
 finally a break for a smile.
 This little pirate is getting ready to turn 4!
I wish that I had the rest of the summer off...or at least one more week. It was such a great break. Next weekend is certainly something to look forward to, Brian and Sarah are getting MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4th of July

We had an amazing weekend with family and friends.

 We went swimming in Grandma Sally's pool. Dylan is getting really good at swimming.
 The boys ready for the beach.
 At the parade
 Pirate ship driving by. Dylan slept through the parade, but he LOVES looking at this picture!
 A pic of the sleeping beauty at the parade :)
 The boys with Grandpa B.
 Dylan took this picture, working on his photography skills.
We also went to the fireworks...from previous posts, you probably already know how much Dylan loved them. I didn't take any pictures of that.

Cookout with friends

We got the gang together for an impromptu BBQ and fun night. Lots of fun was had by all...especially when when broke the fireworks out!
DS time...just for a little bit.
 B-ball in the backyard
 Etch and his boys
 Who needs toys...we have stairs!
 Seriously...they played forever on the stairs
 Bailey got some serious air!
 and then there were fireworks...
 Here is the huddle to come up with the line-up
 Amazing fun!

We have the best friends!!

Sleep over fun!

 Dylan's cousin, Trace, came to stay with us for a night. It was so much fun to have the boys together. They play really well together and entertain each other. They were pretty dirty after all that playing so we had to take a bath. 

 Yummy breakfast in the AM

 Silly boys went back to bed after breakfast. They really had a great time. All we could hear was giggles from the bedroom.

This is separate from the sleep over but thought that I would post these pictures as well. Dylan helped me make our special strawberry jam again this year. We picked up the strawberries from Allendale's Potter's Orchards. They were the most delicious strawberries we have ever had. We got 8 quarts so we made a ton of jam. Don't they just look delicious? 
 Smashing strawberries seems to be a great job for a 3-year-old. He did a great job!
And just in case you were wondering, the jam is delicious!

Summer Catch up

I have been terrible at updating our blog. We have been on the go since early June when Roger's school year ended. This posting is about our camping trip to the Ludington State Park. It was amazing how much fun 2 little boys can have in a campground.

We went for a hike to the dam

Roger was looking for the perfect fishing spot...
The boys were interested in anything that they could get their hands on.
This is one determined guy! He really wanted to get a fish for the boys!
Patience of a saint!
Grandpa B was trying to help us get a fish as well.
Dylan just wanted to play so we ended up going to the amphitheater
Then we had a cartwheel competition...
Daddy's best work...

And not to be outdone by his old man...
Dylan's best work...

I would have entered the contest but who would take the pictures :) 
This is one happy boy!
 And what is camping without a little sword fight?
 Ellie was laying low...those boys are too much work to keep up with

Camping is SO much fun!!