Sunday, December 11, 2011

Big Brother

We are so excited to finally be able to announce that Dylan is going to be a big brother!

There isn't a more difficult secret to keep for me and holding it in for 3 months was crazy hard! Especially when my cousin and Roger's cousin both announced during thanksgiving that they were expecting and due the same day as me. :)

We are thrilled and have our own team of superheroes to welcome the newest edition to our little family.

Friday, December 9, 2011


The Bailey's do Thanksgiving all out! That is that we eat 2 full meals on Thanksgiving. When else can you do that? We feel so lucky that we live close enough to our families and that they live close enough to each other to make this a possibility. Honestly we feel a bit like the stuffed bird by the end of the day but it is worth it!

Here is a picture of the kids table:
Dylan being silly with mashed potatoes...
The not quite adults table: 
And the adults table. :)

 This is Isabella. My cousin's daughter. I'm sure she was worn out by the end of the day! She moved non-stop!

 Then we headed out to the Bailey's for Thanksgiving dinner. I was triptophanning a little bit so this is the only picture I got. All the cousins with Aunt Lisa.

 We were lucky to be able to see the Gralton's over thanksgiving. Naomi really liked Angelina's wig :)


Let's be honest, I love this time of year because our child that loves wearing costumes (everyday) looks so much more normal. He just loves dress up and paying certain characters.This child also hates getting naturally when we are carving pumpkins his choice of clothing would be...underwear:

Since this is the year of the pirate, who else would Dylan go as but Capt. Jack Sparrow?

Just had to try out the crazy teeth/sucker from Aunt Bear

Grandma L got into the fun as well!

We decided to T or T in Rothbury this year because of Halloween being on a Monday. It was a lot of fun to be able to walk around our neighborhood and see all of our neighbors.

Dylan's costume was purchased because I tried to make one and couldn't convince him it was Sparrow. He held on to the hair I made from a knit hat and yarn. Probably one of the cooler things I've made so I'm glad he kept it on!

Poor Ellie always gets roped into the fun of dressing up. He is a really good sport. We couldn't ask for a better family dog!!

First day of school

I wish we could bottle the enthusiasm that Dylan has about school right now and be able to give him a shot of it each day in high school. He almost couldn't sleep last night because he was so excited for today.

 On our way to school! (Don't judge the back of the van...I was in the middle of move-in at GVSU)
 Dylan's buddy Issac riding to school with us!

He is attending Good Shepard Preschool in Montague. It is such a great program. His teachers are Mrs. Grimm and Mrs. Strall.