Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! We celebrated the memory of those that have served by attending the parade in Ludington. We love that little town!!
We had a great time at the beach and also at the Lindsay's beach (backyard pool). We discovered that hanging out in the backyard is much better because of the absence of sand. The beach is always a good time but the amount of sand that is in Dylan's diaper when we leave the beach is CRAZY.
Silly, silly boy!Gotta Love time with family!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Alligator Please!

Funny Dylan story that I forgot to type up last time (when I created this post) and the reason for the title of this post LOL! Dylan kept asking Roger for an Alligator and we seriously couldn't figure out what the heck he was talking about. Finally through toddler tears and stomping around the house I asked Dylan to show me where to get an Alligator. He took me to the garage and pointed out Daddy's GATORADE. LOLOLOLOL!

We had a wonderful weekend. Uncle Steve stopped to play with Dylan's caterpillar tunnel. Uncle Bri and Sarah made a surprise visit to Ludington. On Sunday I had a wonderful Mother's Day with my Bean.
Then we went to Watch the Whitecaps with all of the Lindsay's for an amazing brunch and to celebrate Dad's birthday.

They had a bounce house and playground at the ball park which Dylan, of course, loved!
We had such a great weekend!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

This Mommy thing keeps getting better!

Nothing better than having your child love what you love. The other day Dylan started singing which was great in and of itself. Then I realized that he was singing, "Mamma Mia, here I go again, My My!" I have video...trying to figure out how to integrate it as I write :)
It has been so nice out lately. We have spent every moment that we can outdoors. Dylan loves his motorcycle.
We actually have to jog a little to keep up...he is so fast. Not surprised at all that he tries to go as fast as he can...that is pretty much how he lives his life.
Ellie is about ready to get his summer cut. He can hardly stand to be in the house because he is so hot all the time. Literally as soon as we open the door, he is OUT! I keep a steady supply of lunch meat to get him back in the house...yell turkey and he comes running!