Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Our own superhero!

Dylan is a superhero. It is the truth and there is no denying it. With the impending launch of The Avengers and the Disney marketing machine, Dylan is truly convinced that he is the Incredible Hulk (depending on the day there are various other superheros that make an appearance). I'm doing more laundry than ever because he has a couple of Avenger's shirts that he likes to wear...and that is pretty much it. Well at least we are getting laundry done, right?!

I'll admit he isn't the best eater so we have to be a little creative. This morning he was very much resisting pancakes (but prego mama wanted some so...), so we made superhero pancakes...voila pancakes gone! The green one is for the incredible hulk, the blue for superman, and the red for iron man or spiderman depending on the day. 
 Iron man sporting the well worn Avengers t-shirt, and yes, that is a blow-up dolphin in the background...I have no idea why... Ellie is back there too...keeping his distance. 
 I don't know if Transformers are considered superheros but they are pretty cool so these are the jammies that Dylan wears just about every night.
Tony Chestnut...
 What is a superhero without some mad upside down skills...?

When you take all of the superhero away, he is still just our sweet, caring, adorable, and very personable little Dylan.

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