Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Trip to Indy

Uncle Stephen moved to Indianapolis last March and we haven't had a chance to go see him until this spring. It has been a very busy year. Our trip was a ton of fun...he certainly showed us the city! I was really impressed with Rolls Royce, I had no idea how large their facility would be! I guess it makes sense when you are designing, building, testing, and selling jet engines that it would have to be a big place but it was HUGE!! I was so in awe...I didn't take a single picture...but I did capture the rest of our trip :)
 Probably one of the coolest children's museums we have ever been to. We really needed 2-3 days to see it all. It was awesome!
 There was a gigantic Bumblebee there. For a kid that is obsessed with superheros...this was amazing.
 Found a space suit. Not sure if that is what it is actually called but it was cool!
 I'm pretty sure that Uncle Stephen was jealous that they didn't have his size.
 Of course they had an ice cream shop to work in...and we did. :)
 Back to see Bumblebee. It was really cool!
 I'm glad to not be the victim of Uncle Stephen's face manipulating this time, although I did feel a little sorry for Dylan because I know how it feels. LOL!!
 Don't smile!!
 They are best buds! Who wouldn't want to snuggle with Dylan?
 Uncle Stephen showing off his new bike! Sweet Ride.
 We are thankful for an easy traveler. He'll go anywhere, anytime! :)

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