Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Water temp 48 degrees...

We went for our first trip to the beach and chose to go to the dog beach at the end of Sherman in Muskegon so all members of the family could join in the fun. It was packed. I made us sandwiches, thinking that would be a nice place to play and to have lunch...I won't do that again...dogs can smell peanut butter from a mile away, and they come running. I shoo'ed one away and it peed on Dylan's sand toys...arg!

The water felt amazing. Dylan and I played in it for quite a while. The next day I found out that the water was a balmy 48 degrees. Must be my personal furnace at work. It really did feel good...and helped my swelling out a whole bunch! I can't wait for the warm Lake Michigan water this summer.

Ellington loved the beach...although it is funny to watch how he has slowed down. He used to run non-stop at the beach and this time he waddled out into the water if I was out there (my protector) and laid in the sand keeping the other dogs away from Dylan and I.

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